Our School Year begins the day after Labor Day and ends in June. The Pre-primary and Elementary Programs are slightly different; please refer to the  Preprimary or Elementary calendars for more information.

In addition to the School Year, Cedar Crest Academy offers a Summer Camp Program. Locations and grade bands served are determined by enrollment. Our Summer Session runs through July and August and offers more of a “summer camp” type experience.

School Year and Summer Calendar are carefully planned by our staff to include a variety of activities and enrichment for our students. Our Calendars are distributed well in advance to help you plan family vacations or find alternative child care.

School color key:

Red-Park Highland              Green– Kirkland              Lavender– Redmond               Yellow – Bellewood Pre-primary

Orange – Bellewood Elementary       Purple –  BW Preprimary and Elementary      Blue– All Campuses

Turquoise – All Campuses except Bellewood Elementary