Kids playing music instrument


Beyond Academics

Clubs are a very special element of our elementary students enrichment experience.  Elementary students in kindergarten through fifth grade rotate through ten clubs during the school year, engaging in a wide array of activities.  Students participate in two clubs per week for a seven week period before rotating to two new clubs for the next seven weeks.  When choosing clubs for the new school year, we select a diverse array of relevant, interesting activities touching upon all disciplines, with the intent of engaging and developing the whole child.

Some of the clubs we have offered:little girl yoga club

  • WeDo Legos (K-1), Mindstorm EV3 Robotics
  • Coding
  • Journalism
  • Travel
  • Osprey Character Development
  • Astronomy
  • Recorder Karate
  • Games and Game Strategy
  • Cooking
  • Broadcasting and Public Speaking
  • Science Club
  • Photography
  • Performing Arts
  • American Sign Language
  • Yoga


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