Amazing balance

    Cedar Crest is a great place when it comes to the balance of academics, social and emotional development and character building. No other preschool that we know of has this kind of amazing balance! We love it!

    Preschool Parent
    Park Highlands campus


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Excellence in Teaching

Passionate, knowledgeable and skillful teachers are the core strength of our school. We are committed to creating a professional community that shares a passion for learning. Our teachers work to create and sustain an atmosphere of exciting and innovative teaching techniques infusing their instruction with personal growth and cultural awareness.

Cedar Crest teachers are reflective individuals who strive to evaluate and improve their instructional methods, cultural awareness and classroom structures to consistently introduce their students to exciting, new and challenging experiences. Our teachers use parent feedback, student feedback, peer evaluations and formal/informal evaluations from management to inform their instruction. Each teacher reflects on information gained through this feedback and synthesizes it into creative and exciting changes in their classrooms and personal philosophies.