Amazing balance

    Cedar Crest is a great place when it comes to the balance of academics, social and emotional development and character building. No other preschool that we know of has this kind of amazing balance! We love it!

    Preschool Parent
    Park Highlands campus


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Peace March

Moving Beyond Academics

Throughout the formative elementary years, students are not only working on academic development, but are developing as young individuals. This is the time children explore and begin to develop creative art skills, athletic skills, and other interests. They learn about getting along with others and becoming members of the community. We believe the school should offer experiences and focuses well beyond traditional academics. This is why we provide opportunities for the children to learn and be exposed to other pursuits.  Among these we have had Speech and Debate, Robotics/STEM, Spanish, Art, and Health and Health Fitness as supplemental components of our core curriculum.    See Specialist and Clubs.