We feel part of the Cedar Crest Family. We are seeing our child striving in various areas that we did not expect.

    Park Highland Campus


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Program Summary

Students are encouraged and challenged to pursue Academic Excellence. Our students participate in setting goals for their learning and are continually provided the support and tools needed to achieve these goals.

An individualized, accelerated curriculum is presented one grade level above each child’s current grade level and it is further individualized and tailored to meet each child’s needs and abilities.

Our research-based comprehensive core curriculum encourages critical, active thinking and problem solving. Core curriculum includes SRA Imagine It!, Saxon Math, Bring Science Alive, and Social Studies Alive.

Moving beyond academics, elementary students enjoy Specialist Classes and Clubs each day to supplement our core curriculum. Specialist Classes include Health and Fitness, Spanish, Art, Technology, and Library. Clubs include WeDo Legos and Mindstorm Robotics, Journalism, Photography, Theatrical Arts, Games and Game Strategies, Cooking, Coding, Dance, American Sign Language, and Gardening and Nature.

Students in first through fifth grades have an opportunity to be involved in Student Council and all students will participate in School Economy.

Students are involved in building community beyond the classroom by participating in our Children for Change program and expanding on our Ten Pillars of Education. Students learn how to participate in a global society while demonstrating compassion, respect, and care.

Passionate, knowledgeable, and skillful teachers are committed to creating a professional community.  Our teachers share a passion for learning and create and sustain an atmosphere of exciting and innovative teaching techniques infusing their instruction with personal growth and cultural awareness.