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Specialist Classes, Houses and Clubs

Our Elementary students enjoy Specialist Classes and Clubs each day to supplement our core curriculum.

Specialist Classes occur during the school day and enhance and compliment Cedar Crest Academy’s core curriculum. Each specialist class focuses on a different discipline and provides students with an enriched learning experience that supports the development of the whole child. Students engage in specialist classes with their regular classroom peers.

Cedar Crest is excited to provide a variety of Specialists and Clubs each year to meet the changing needs and individual interests of our students. Some of the Specialist and Clubs that we will consider are:

Specialist Classes

Health and Fitness Education

Cedar Crest Academy has adopted Spark PE, a physical education curriculum designed to be an inclusive, highly active, and fun program.  While students are gaining an enjoyment for PE, they are increasing their fitness achievement, sport skills development, and their moderate to vigorous physical activity.  Spark PE focuses on skills necessary to maintain a healthy and active life. Students will work on developing motor skills, setting fitness goals, and understanding the structure and functions of body systems.  Elementary students will also participate in the Presidential Youth Fitness Program, which provides a model for fitness education within a comprehensive, quality physical education program.  The program provides resources and tools for physical educators to enhance their fitness education process.  Students at Cedar Crest Academy are encouraged to have well rounded, physically active lives.

World Language

Cedar Crest Academy is pleased to announce our partnership with Foreign Language for Youth (FLY).  Foreign Language for Youth will teach their Level 1 Spanish curriculum to students in kindergarten through third grade and our fourth and fifth grade students will advance to Level 2.  The FLY curriculum exposes students to over one thousand Spanish vocabulary words and eighty practical dialogues.  Students will learn through games, songs, fun activities, and drama.  Homework and assessments will be incorporated into the FLY curriculum.  Also, FLY will hold two Presentation Days, where parents will have an opportunity to view students’ progress in class.  Once students have moved though Level 1, they will be introduced to Level 2, where they will begin to conjugate verbs.  For more information on Foreign Language for Youth, please visit their website at  Also, if interested, CDs may be purchased from FLY, to help students reinforce their Spanish vocabulary and skills at home.


Elementary students will be exposed to studio art lessons, learning a classical style to painting and drawing. Lessons are designed to cultivate and nurture the student’s foundational artistic skills. Students will receive comprehensive mentorship in the classics of this medium, as well as build a deeper and fuller understanding of the world of fine arts. Studio art lessons are built around the student’s respective skill level, but with the overall curriculum being geared to further his or her artistic talents and appreciation.  Students will also study different artists, build art vocabulary, and learn art history related to one of the concepts listed above.

In addition to studio art, students will explore different visual arts such as dance and theater during their weekly Club times.  Elementary may also participate in plays or readers theatre, where they will engage in dramatic interpretation of script, creation of props and scenery, and production of advertising or programs.  Through our Winter and Spring Performances, students will also have the opportunity to experience music classes that will introduce them to rhythm, musical terms, and singing.


Students in first through fifth grade will use personal computers to work through either the Primary or Junior TechnoKids project based curriculum.  Students will apply knowledge to analyze information, collaborate, solve problems, and make decisions, while, focusing on animation, database, desktop publishing, graphics, word processing, Internet, video productions, and power point presentations.  Throughout the year, kindergarten students will also have an opportunity to work with the Primary TechnoKids curriculum during Library time.


All elementary students will be assigned to a House for the School Year. Houses are comprised of students across all elementary grade bands, and are not grade band specific. Within each House, students are encouraged to show their school spirit through a variety of competitions, activities, and events.

It is Cedar Crest Academy’s belief that students benefit greatly from working with children of various ages and special bonds and friendships are formed. Through Houses, students will show school spirit, collaboration, cooperation, and respect for themselves and each other.  Each month, students will participate in House competitions and a healthy rivalry between Houses is encouraged.  During this time, students will work within their House to come up with a team that will represent each House in the House Challenge. House Challenges may include but are not limited to: Elections, Fancy Dress, Day of Caring, Holidays Around the World, Spelling, Speech and Debate, and Math. Each student will be assigned to either the Red House, Yellow House, Orange House, Purple House, or Blue House and students are encouraged to wear their corresponding House t-shirt each Friday to further demonstrate House pride!  Each House will elect a House Captain and Vice-Captain to represent their House at Student Council Meetings.


Elementary students in kindergarten through fifth grade will rotate through ten Clubs during the School Year, engaging in a wide variety of activities.  Students will participate in two Clubs per week, for a seven week period.  At the end of each seven week period, students will then rotate to two new Clubs. When choosing Clubs for the School Year, we strive to select a diverse array or relevant, interesting activities touching on all disciplines, with the intent to engage and develop the whole child.  Clubs for the 2015 – 2016 School Year are as follows (and may be subject to change for upcoming School Years):

  • WeDo Legos (for K-3) and Mindstorm EV3 Robotics
  • Cooking
  • Coding
  • Theatrical Arts
  • Journalism
  • Photography
  • Games and Game Strategies
  • Dance
  • Gardening and Nature
  • American Sign Language