Amazing balance

    Cedar Crest is a great place when it comes to the balance of academics, social and emotional development and character building. No other preschool that we know of has this kind of amazing balance! We love it!

    Preschool Parent
    Park Highlands campus


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Understanding and Respecting Individual Differences

We, at Cedar Crest, understand that not all children learn at the same pace and no child learns at the same pace all the time. We cater to each and every child, differentiating instruction, allowing the child to reach his or her individual potential. We understand when lessons are too slow, children lose interest and when they are too fast, they feel overwhelmed. We work with the children to set a pace that meets their needs and continually challenges them to master the content while exploring and broadening their understanding of each subject they are learning.

Consistent and continual assessment of our students allows teachers to change instruction as each individual student grows. Teachers will modify the curriculum to allow students to feel both challenged and supported. We evaluate student progress and communicate their progress through consistent and repeated best practices in assessments and evaluations.

In addition to the classroom teacher, Cedar Crest Academy has a Special Educational Support Teacher, who works with students needing additional support, ensuring the school is meeting its vision of individualizing curriculum for each child.