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Elementary Program Highlights



  • Highly capable program presenting academic material at least one year above traditional grade level curriculum with further opportunity to personalize.
  • Small class sizes allow for each child to be known and instruction to be personal and focused.
  • Social and emotional learning is incorporated within core curriculum and in club rotations.
  • All students rotate through every club during school hours providing a wide array of enrichment opportunities that both appeal to passions and diversify student experiences.
  • The unique, personal, family-like culture at CCA is achieved through elements like multi-grade houses where teams eat and compete together.

Elementary Curriculum

Cedar Crest Academy Elementary students gain a solid foundation in mathematical skills and knowledge, while expanding their critical thinking and problem solving abilities. Our mathematics program is a comprehensive, cumulative, hands-on-mastery-oriented program that introduces and practices new skills each lesson, while continuing to give independent practice on previously introduced skills.

Each student will take a  math placement test during the first week of school. After the evaluation, they will be placed in a math class that is the best fit for them, either at their current(+1) grade level or further above grade level.  We do not want to limit students’ mathematical potential.

The Cedar Crest Academy STEM based curriculum aligns with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). This comprehensive program blends rich, standards-based curriculum with engaging investigations and hands-on-activities. Throughout the year, students will focus on life, earth, and physical science, while learning about plants and animals, ecosystems, weather, earth systems, forces and motion, and matter, to name a handful.

Upper elementary students will also participate in our annual Science Fair, STEM projects, Family Engineering Night and the Science Fair. We build a strong science foundation and provide an internationally benchmarked science education to Cedar Crest Academy students.


Language Arts

The themed units in our language arts curriculum allow children to expand their perspective on universal themes while focusing on print/book awareness, phonemic awareness, alphabet, phonics, vocabulary, and creative writing workshops.


Writer’s workshop allows students to understand the overall writing process while delving into specific writing styles and forms. Students engage in the writing process from pre-writing, rough draft, revising, editing, to publishing. Students use the writing process across various projects such as narrative, descriptive, persuasive, letter, diary entries, expository and poetry, to name a handful.

Literature/Novel Studies

Each grade level will be responsible for reading a variety of assigned novels throughout the year. These novels will be read together as a class and students will answer questions and hold discussions through novel study activities.

Social Studies 

The Cedar Crest Academy social studies program teaches students about the world around them in ways that make students excited to learn each and every day. Elementary students study communities, Washington State history, American history, and ancient civilizations.


Developing the Whole Child

Physical Education

Cedar Crest Academy has adopted a formal physical education curriculum designed to be an inclusive, highly active, and fun program.  While students are gaining an enjoyment for physical education, they are increasing their fitness achievement, sport skills development, and their moderate to vigorous physical activity.

Elementary students will also participate in the Presidential Youth Fitness Program, which provides a model for fitness education within a comprehensive, quality physical education program.  Students at Cedar Crest Academy are encouraged to have well rounded, physically active lives.

Spanish with Foreign Language for Youth (FLY)

Cedar Crest Academy has partnered with a well regarded foreign language vendor to deliver our comprehensive Spanish program. Our spanish teacher teaches their Level 1 Spanish curriculum to students in kindergarten through third grade and our fourth and fifth grade students will advance to Level 2 and beyond. Students are required to present in Spanish to their peers and parents once or twice per year.


Elementary students are exposed to studio art lessons, learning a classical style to painting and drawing. Lessons are designed to cultivate and nurture the student’s foundational artistic skills. Students receive comprehensive mentorship in the classics of this medium, as well as build a deeper and fuller understanding of the world of fine arts. Studio art lessons are built around the student’s respective skill level, but with the overall curriculum being geared to further his or her artistic talents and appreciation. Students also study different artists, build art vocabulary, and learn art history related to one of the concepts listed above.

In addition to studio art, students explore different visual and fine arts such as dance and theater during their weekly Club times. Elementary students showcase their dramatic side through participating in a spring school play partnering with Studio East. 


Students in first through fifth grade use personal computers to work through TechnoKids project-based curriculum, focusing on desktop publishing, graphics, animation, word processing, Internet, and power point presentations. Coding is taught and reinforced using visual programming languages, such as Scratch, and robotics projects using LEGO Mindstorms and Dash & Dot robots. Students learn the basics of touch typing and work through lessons and games on Typing.com to further develop their skills. Throughout the year, Kindergarten students will also have an opportunity to work with computers during Library time.


Home of the Mighty Osprey's!


We teach students to be responsible, compassionate and caring individuals through our Ten Pillars of Character framework.


Through school houses, students will show school spirit, collaboration, cooperation and respect for themselves and each other.


Students engage in a wide array of activities to engage and develop the whole child.


CCA students are encouraged to participate in a number of challenges offered throughout the year.


Leaders in training! Students in 2nd – 5th grade can run to be elected to student council.


Our elementary graduates are prepared to continue their journey of academic success.


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