Frequently Asked Questions


You are committing for your child to attend from the first school day of September to the last school day of June. The Summer Program operates during July and August and enrollment is optional.

Cedar Crest Academy’s campuses are by design small in size with lots of energy and activities.  This would not be possible without engaged parents committed to participating and volunteering.  Our vision for parental involvement is a commitment to communication, volunteer hours, and participation in events with your child. We also are looking for parents who will take leadership positions in their respective campus Parent Association.

By committing to communication, parents are reading daily/weekly happenings, staying up to date on communication from the Parent Association, responding to teacher e-mails, and participating in monthly events such as classroom parties, trick-or-treating, Thanksgiving potluck, various performances, and more. Cedar Crest Academy requires both a time and monetary commitment to our active Parent Association. The volunteer requirement is 5-10 hours each school year, per family. Some examples include participating in school-wide events, classroom holiday celebrations, putting together the yearbook.

All facilities employ a full time cook who prepares meals and snacks from fresh ingredients each day. Included in the full day program are morning snack, hot lunch, and afternoon snack. If your child is enrolled in before school care, breakfast is included. Late evening snack is included in after care.

Yes, we offer week by week full day summer camp programs at each campus.  Please see our summer camp web page or ask your campus director for more information.  You may enroll your children for the entire summer or sign up for specific weeks.


Children must be 30 months by August 31st to enroll in the Young Preschool Class and 36 months by September 1st to enroll in the Preschool class.

Each of our teachers contributes a variety of skills, degrees, and experiences. Biographies of our teachers, including training and experience, are posted outside of the classrooms and on our website.

Your child’s first day of school is a half day to provide a “soft start” for your child. There is also a parent orientation with a member of our administrative team, and an opportunity to meet other new families.

Each classroom serves as a Homeroom to one of our classes. Between the hours of 9am and 4pm each class journeys from one theme-based classroom to another at least three times a week. Your child’s teachers move with the class from one discovery based classroom to another. This provides continuity and stability while the children are exposed to changes in their environment. Room rotations give children the opportunity to engage in and explore each classroom while allowing them to become familiar with their surroundings.

Cedar Crest Academy facilities are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 6:00pm. Our school day program is from 9:00am until 4:00pm. Our core curriculum and enrichment classes occur during these hours. Before and after school care are also available. School activities begin promptly at the scheduled start time and students are considered tardy if they arrive after 9:15 preprimary.


We are looking to admit children that would thrive in a highly capable academic program with small class sizes.  We are looking to admit families with a strong connection to their children’s educational experience, who value social and emotional learning and who are looking for a school where they will be welcome and expected to engage with the school community.

Please refer to our admissions page and the four step process.  We encourage you to tour one or more of our campuses to determine which is right for you.  Most people choose a campus based on location and openings.

Each of our teachers contributes a variety of skills, degrees, and experiences. All of our elementary teachers have a bachelors degree or more.  Biographies of our teachers, including training and experience, are posted outside of the classrooms and on our website under the teachers and staff page.

When looking at private schools most families are looking for a much smaller class size.  Cedar Crest Academy’s elementary class sizes will not exceed 13 children.  At 14, the class will be split to ensure a personalized learning is maintained.

Yes, Cedar Crest Academy elementary students wear uniforms.  Our official uniform provider is Dennis Uniform.

Clubs are in-school extra curricular education.  Each student rotates through all of the clubs offered that year. Please see our clubs page of the website for more information.

Houses are multi-age teams that meet, eat and compete together.  The team format fosters multi-age friendships and school spirit in the elementary school.  Please see our houses page for more information.

Yes, we offer after-school programs through external vendors that come to our campus to engage with the children.  Families contract directly with the vendors with the activities happening right at CCA with their friends from school. Please see our after-school programs page for more information.

Cedar Crest Academy is a highly capable academic program that prepares students to have success in the most elite, highly academic, private middle schools and rigorous, highly capable, public school academic programs.

No matter where our students go, like an Osprey, they will soar!  Go Ospreys!

See our Beyond CCA webpage for more information.


Your child's journey to academic excellence starts here.