Teach Like a Champion: Professional Development Day

By: Amanda B. Gratton

The Elementary teachers of Cedar Crest Academy have been working through Dough Lemov’s Teach Like a Champion 2.0 for this year’s Professional Development and Book Study. Director of Elementary, Amanda B. Gratton, is leading the staff through a variety of activities meant to further explore Lemov’s content and to dive deeper into research-proven teaching strategies for highly successful students.

Teach Like a ChampionMrs. Gratton believes in the impact that Teach Like a Champion 2.0 can have on a teaching community as it has been a recurring textbook in the graduate courses she instructs at a local university. So far this year the Elementary Staff has participated in two Professional Development sessions; August 31st and October 13th.

Throughout these workshops, the staff has been led through presentations focusing on important areas such as: checking for understanding, academic ethos, ratio, and behavior and culture. “Checking for Understanding” involves implementing strategies for students to more effectively show whether they understand a concept fully, partially, or are still in need of guidance. “Academic Ethos” pertains to content our teachers present and how far they can stretch instruction. “Ratio”, in this context, refers to how much independent, cognitive work a teacher can encourage from a student. “Behavior and Culture” focus on creating positive behavior as well as a classroom climate that is respectful.

This component of Teach Like a Champion 2.0 provides our staff with great examples and models of how to be a champion teacher! The entire staff are looking forward to moving through the next few chapters as the year progresses.